“Here’s what some of our clients think (they’re cool, love them!):”.

Dearest Elaine and Paul,I don't know how to express the Joy you've brought to us with your hearts and gifts. You have such a beautiful family, and ethic in business/life. What an honor to have met you and been blessed by your discernment of how to portray the love Daron and Brett share. I must say the big day came and went with such speed that I'm still recovering from all the emotion and overwhelming delight. I've watched the video dozens of times, the best return of investment was with you two.Jayne Dominguez

Deron & Brett

Amazing, just simply amazing. It completely transported us back to our wedding day, in those precious moments that you both caught so perfectly. I don't even have the right words that describe what you've given us, because words could never do it justice. This has to be the single most important investment that we made for our wedding day. I got to hear my own voice crack during our vows, hear my father's laughter and his toast and see the look in my husband's eyes soften as he turns and glances over at me and then proceeds to give his sister a high-five. These are moments that still pictures can't give me and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me these moments and more, for the rest of our lives.

Cyrena Gordon Raeder

I wish for you both to know how extremely grateful Bobby and I are to have met you. You took our wedding from nice to "out of the park." We are deeply moved and touched at the story you created for us...from the love story and Same Day Edit, to the trailer, to the day of events. Just perfect. The love story you presented to us, was unbelievable, and my mother was DEEPLY touched by your day of shots. You both have a gift, not just of capturing great moments, but of making people feel comfortable and at ease. You both worked extrememly hard at pleasing us, and my words will never completely express how thankful we are to have met you for lunch at La Madeline. The compliments flowed in after our return from the Seychelles. The compliments covered a range of areas but what really stood out was the videography. I would have to agree, your work gave our wedding that "extra" something that made it stand out from the rest. Trust me, I could go on and on with recounting things that were said, and I could fill up about 3-4 pages worth of conversation. But suffice it to say... "Of everything that went into creating this wedding, finding the both of you, was the best part, the best money we spent toward the wedding, no question." 🙂 We owe a lot to you for making our wedding so special.

Tejal and Bobby Kassatly

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome job you and your wife did on our website video. Jason and I just decided to check the website last night when we got back from our honeymoon and surprise, the video was there. you made Jason and I cry when we watched it and countless other people that I’ve sent the link to said that it was the best one they have seen and it was very professional. Not like some of the cheesy videos you see out there. It was such a pleasure having you both at the wedding. I received so many compliments from my guests on you both. They all thought you were awesome (even without having seen your work!). I have to say that of all the details of the wedding, you and your wife were our greatest investment...(even if it was so last minute). I can’t express to you enough how much it meant to both of us that you could make this all happen for us and if I could shout it from the rooftops I would tell everyone I know that you both are top notch professionals. Hope this email finds you both doing well and I will get those pictures to you ASAP. I can’t imagine how the long version is going to be. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

Danielle and Jason Haas

We are both so pleased with our wedding DVD. It caught every special moment of our wedding and really captured the emotion of the day. You exceeded our expectations and we are so grateful for the memories you have captured so beautifully. It is also a very treasured keepsake that brings back that ‘just married’ feeling and special memories of the day. I would highly recommend WalkOnWater Productions and your outstanding product.

Rachael and Jonathan Flanigan

We truly do want to thank you again. Richie and I are still amazed at how wonderful the wedding video is. Thank you so much and I will never be able to thank you and Elaine enough. The wedding video is absolutely amazing! I am still in awe at how much tie you put into making the Blu-Ray discs and all the special features it included. I have never seen another wedding video as impressive and high quality as what you have produced for us. You captured every moment of our wedding perfectly and we will treasure it for years!

Heidi & Richie Aaron

I waited to get married until I found the perfect man, so I waited for quite a while. When the occasion is that important, you only want the best. I contacted Paul Larson with WalkOnWater Productions, and the best is what I got. We wanted to remember everything, and not only are our memories preserved, but we have had the opportunity to enjoy things that happened at our ceremony and reception that we weren’t aware of at the time. The recording of our wedding ceremony is Hollywood quality, and the emotion and thought put into the imagery from the reception is second to none. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted from our DVD; Paul did.

Melissa Abernathy-Melton

Oh my goodness gracious Paul, we look like movie stars!!!! Wow, wow, and then I said WOW! Love the music choices and cuts. You are amazingly gifted, seriously. Did I mention wow, I love it!?! Thank you so much for that. Excited to see the wedding, the trailer left me wanting more....... 🙂 Rhonda

David & Rhonda Chisholm